Welcome to b01lers CTF!


Welcome! This is the CTF hosted by Purdue University's b01lers Capture the Flag team. It's our first time hosting, so please be gentle! We were inspired by TAMUCTF to host a CTF that's beginner friendly, targeted at University-level players. Our goal is to take their lofty example and extend it with some harder problems for all types of players. We will also be breaking the norm in the CTF world and supplying solves, writeups, and source code for all challenges after the competition is over. We feel this is the best way we can follow through on our commitment to learning and developing well-trained security professionals.


b01lers CTF is now live! You may register as an individual or a team and play with as many members as you'd like. Go to https://ctfd1.ctf.b01lers.com or https://ctfd2.ctf.b01lers.comto register and play!

Date and Time

Countdown Timer

The b01lers CTF will commence at 00:00 (Midnight) UTC on March 14, 2020 and run until 00:00 on March 16, 2020. That's 8:00PM EST March 13 - 8:00PM March 15 for y'all other Americans.

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  • Event Coordinator: novafacing
  • Webmaster: PHSC138
  • Challenge Creators:
    • maczilla [PWN]
    • nsnc [PWN]
    • novafacing [RE]
    • a0su [CRYPTO]
    • PHSC138 [WEB]
    • akhbaar [RE]
    • dm [CRYPTO]
    • ZJam [WEB]

Sponsored By:

Purdue University Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security

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