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Welcome to b01lers bootcamp CTF!

Welcome! This is the CTF hosted by Purdue University's b01lers Capture the Flag team. Our goal is to help CTFers develop the knowledge to become seasoned security professionals though fun challenges. If you played b01lers CTF in the spring, there are some changes you should know about below.

Okay, give me the TL;DR

Who: This CTF is for beginners. We're aiming (for real this time guys, we promise) to have challenge difficulty appropriate for late high school and early college students. In addition, for reasons I'll outline below, this CTF will be appropriate for those who have never played a CTF before so if you know anyone who wants to get into playing CTF, send them here!

What: b01lers CTF bootcamp is a brand-new super-introductory CTF for beginners. It is also a training camp! We at Purdue offer a CTF bootcamp to our freshmen every fall to prepare them to play CTF with us. This year, we will be offering that same training camp virtually to anyone who wants to participate! Yes, that means you! The training camp will start from absolute beginners and take you through the basics of every CTF category with training sessions twice per week for the 5 weeks leading up to the CTF. The categories are: Web Exploitation, Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Hardware Hacking, and Penetration Testing. We will be answering questions live from our chat and Youtube chat. We will be posting all interactive examples on our Github page and all training videos will remain on our Youtube page in perpetuity, but make sure to tune in live to ask questions!

When: The trainings will be held at 6:30PM EST Monday and Friday from August 31 through October 2 2020. The CTF will begin at 9:00AM October 3, 2020.

Why: We want to share our knowledge and do our part to advance security. COVID has devastated a lot of lives, but we want to take it as an opportunity to offer our training to a wider audience.

What has changed from Spring 2020:

If you played the March 2020 edition of b01lers CTF, you'll know that it was a little more difficult than we intended and we had some infrastructure issues that cropped up. It was our first time hosting, so we expected some imperfections, and in general we got some great feedback we'll be incorporating into future offerings of the CTF. Now, the changes:

This is the bootcamp version of b01lers CTF

What does that mean?

In the fall of each year we will offer a bootcamp version of b01lers CTF. Think of it as the CSAW Red of b01lers CTF, basically. We have been offering a training camp to Purdue students for years and we have decided it is time to share that training camp with the rest of the CTF world. This CTF will be much easier than the spring version. It is truly built for first-timers and aimed at college freshmen or high schoolers.

Our training sessions will last five weeks and be available to everyone.

What does that mean?

Because COVID has happened, we will be sharing our training sessions with the world via and youtube. Our channels are:

b01lers youtube


The training session schedule can be found below and on our calendar.

What to get setup before a training session

You'll need docker installed and our *premade* docker container. See docker setup for instructions!

Date and Time

Countdown Timer

The b01lers CTF will commence at 13:00 (1PM) UTC on October 3, 2020 and run until 00:00 on October 5, 2020. That's 9:00AM EST October 3 - 8:00PM October 4 for y'all other Americans.

Calendar of events

  • August 28 @ 6:30PM EST - b01lers callout
  • August 31 @ 6:30PM EST - Web Exploitation I
  • September 4 @ 6:30PM EST - Web Exploitation II
  • September 7 @ 6:30PM EST - Reverse Engineering I
  • September 11 @ 6:30PM EST - Reverse Engineering II
  • September 14 @ 6:30PM EST - Cryptography I
  • September 18 @ 6:30PM EST - Cryptography II
  • September 21 @ 6:30PM EST - Binary Exploitation I
  • September 25 @ 6:30PM EST - Binary Exploitation II
  • September 28 @ 6:30PM EST - Penetration Testing
  • October 2 @ 6:30PM EST - Hardware Hacking
  • October 3 @ 9:00AM EST - CTF Begins!

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